Café Welcome

The Café Welcome is an Meeting café for refugees and citizens of Heddesheim. It offers the opportunity for refugees, to address us with  their questions and concerns, but also to get a cup of coffee in a friendly athmosphere and to get some exchange and conversation.

Many people are looking for a conversation partner to enhance their German skills. It's a place to go for all newly arrived people, to get a first orientation here at Heddesheim. Nevertheless, also Heddesheim citizens could get in touch with regugees in an unconstrained way to better know them.

Since our foundation at February 2016, the café has changed. Initially we were overwhelmed by the big number of visitors from refugee side as well as fom local people's side. This has been reduced over the time to a tight group of regular visitors. Formally, we mainly had young men from the common accomodation at Ladenburg as visitors by us at the café. However, due to the school, the integration courses or the jobs, their daily schedule changed and the men came over lesser often for a visit.

Over the last year more and more refugee families came over and therefore also more and more children. Therefore, we adapted our offer to the new situation.

We offer afternoon handicraft events and celebrate children's birthday parties. For the summertime, we aquired an outdoor toy box, which is accepted with great enthusiasm. Skipping ropes, chinese jump ropes, softball and chalk animate the children to play at the are in front of the church hall. Some children bring their school lessons with them to the café. Here, they gget support, when they don't undestand something and need sone assistance.

However, our café couldn't regulary take place every Friday when we wouldn't be able to rely to a team of reliable voluntary helpers. Also the regulary donations of the Krämer bakers's shop, the Hege fruit shop and the Edeka Zipser market contribute  to the successful continuance of our café. Our private pastry chefs take care of a bigger variety at our buffet, especially Ms. Kromm who again and again surprises us with a self baked cake. And naturally, last but not least, our café can only exist because of the evangelical congregation offering us it's facilities. To all supporters and donators, we would express our cordial thankfulness at this place.

Our poster template for anouncements was unmistakably designed by our reverend Dierk Rafflewski. Special thanks for this! The persons exactly visually represent, what our café is there for. playing, laughing, learning, talking, cofee and cake ... simply a joyfull get together.

In case you want to meet us, simply come over and visit us. The café takes place every Friday from 3pm to 5pm at the Schlatter Hall at the new evangelical parish hall. If you have any questions according to the café or to  our work, feel free to contact us at .


Abschiebung nach Afghanistan

Unfassbare Nachrichten haben wir in der letzten Woche verfolgen müssen. Die Verhaftung und Abschiebung von Mostafa, einem jungen Mann, den auch einige aus unserem Kreis kennen, hat uns schockiert, traurig und wütend gemacht. Mostafa hat sich mustergültig integriert, Deutsch gelernt, eine Ausbildung gemacht und engagiert sich ehrenamtlich im Sportverein. Alle Bemühungen von Menschen aus Politik, Wirtschaft und dem Ehrenamt konnten die Abschiebung von Mostafa aus Ladenburg nach Kabul nicht verhindern.