Bike Repair Shop

Helmut is  our specialist for bicycles. Once one of our bikes, which we got as donations, is flagging a little bit and has a flat tyre or maybe also two, it lands at Helmut,

and he restores its roadworthiness. Especially he is happy, when he can deliver bikes for the children. Meanwhile he got some support. Additionally to their further activities in the Working Group, our two Werners are now also involved with with bike repairs. Joachim is solving our permanent challenges with a storage. This is simply awesome.

Wie pick up the dispensed bikes. Then they are checked. Afterwards, pictures are taken from them and they are registered within a list. Repairs which are absolutely necessary for functionning and roadworthiness are done by us before we hand them over. We exactly note in a list who a bike is handed over to  and ask for a deposit of 20€, which correspods to the buy price of a better quality bike lock. This first serves as a contribution to the costs, and futher is intended to get back the bikes, when thei're not needed anymore.

It's by the way almost unbelievable, how many bikes we already had to replace, because the were stolen. The tramway station and the lake are indeed not the safest places to leave a bike at, no matter of which age or price category. Therefore, our bikes are labeled meanwhile with a lettering.